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Age Pension Form Solutions offers assistance to clients who are not confident in their abilities to provide accurate information to Centrelink to ensure they receive their correct Australian Government entitlements.

2017 has seen changes to the way Centrelink administers the Age Pension. One of the major changes has been the way Centrelink means test potential recipients. A lowering of the maximum threshold for the assets test has seen many people lose their pension income, with new recipients unable to obtain even a dollar of pension income. Of course this means no access to the Pension Card.

From 20 September 2017, pensions will reduce when your assets are more than the amounts below.

If you're: Homeowners Non-homeowners
single $253,750 $456,750
in a couple, combined $380,500 $583,500
illness separated couple, combined $380,500 $583,500
one partner eligible, combined $380,500 $583,500

There has also been changes to qualification age

Depending on your birthdate, from 1 July 2017 age pension age will be 65 years and 6 months.

After that, age pension age will go up 6 months every 2 years until 1 July 2023.

If your birthdate is you’ll be old enough at
1 July 1952 to 31 December 1953 65 years and 6 months
1 January 1954 to 30 June 1955 66 years
1 July 1955 to 31 December 1956 66 years and 6 months
From 1 January 1957 67 years

Importantly Centrelink have streamlined their old documentation process and new applicants must apply online. This has meant a change to the way Age Pension Forms Solution prepares new applications. Current wait times for the assessment of your Age Pension application has also increased.

We have had some very good successes this year with our client’s applications with complex real estate applications, ongoing business operation applications and company/trust applications all being successful.

If you are having difficulties with the application process, please call me on 0474 800 238 to see if I can help.

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We have over 14 years experience in the submission of documentation to Centrelink offices. During this time we have submitted numerous successful applications for Age Pensions, Seniors Health Care Cards, Disability Pensions and other Government products

Our job is to make the prospect of dealings with Centrelink applications process stress free. Our experience with interacting with the Department of Human Services means we can get your information into their systems with a minimum of fuss

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At Age Pension Form Solutions we do not provide advice on how to maximise your Centrelink entitlements.

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